Artisan Teknik utilizes specialized equipment and polyurethane material that is dedicated to concrete lifting. All the equipment is contained within a compact, purpose built trailer which we pull with a pickup truck. This is important, because part of the value we provide is in the way we deliver our service. With a single, self-sufficient mobile rig, the operational footprint has a very low profile. There is no demolition necessary to carry out our service and the job site is left clean and tidy upon completion of the work.

Artisan Teknik has invested in what we believe is the best equipment available for injecting the highest quality polyurethane foam for concrete lifting applications.

Here are some pictures of our set-up:

Compact Setup
Polyurethane Injection Gun
Tool Cabinet
Inside Trailer
Polyurethane Machine & Resin Barrel
Air Compressor
Polyurethane Proportioning Machine