Artisan Teknik Inc. is a company incorporated and licensed in the City of Calgary since 2017. It was founded by myself, Carlito deSouza and I’ve been doing this as an owner operator since the start.

For Artisan Teknik, operating the business is based the basic principle of doing good work that I can be proud of and always doing the right thing for my customers.

VALUE: I always strive to provide high value services to my customers for fair compensation. I might not be the cheapest quote, but I take pride in delivering what I think will be the best job possible for the circumstances.

INNOVATION: After being in business since 2017, I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks of the trade. I’ve developed some custom tools and methods for concrete lifting that are unique to my company. Every job is unique and some jobs require unconventional methods to lift or manipulate slabs that go beyond the injection of polyurethane or mud jacking etc.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: I want all my customers to be extremely satisfied with the work I perform. Complete customer satisfaction is my highest priority. 

PRIDE IN MY WORK: I take pride in doing a great job. Providing great services to my customers and making improvements to their property which can be seen right away is what motivates me. When I do a job, I treat my customers home as though it’s my own. When I’m on the job, the money aspect takes a backseat to solving my customers problem.

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