Artisan Teknik Inc. is a company incorporated and licensed in the City of Calgary.

We provide concrete lifting and stabilization services based on the utilization of a specialized polyurethane injection system. The range of applications extends from residential concrete lifting, all the way to industrial rotating and reciprocating machinery stabilization.

For Artisan Teknik, operating the business is based on the basic principle of doing good work that we can be proud of and always doing the right thing for our customers.

VALUE: We will always strive to provide high value services to our customers for fair compensation.

QUALITY: Our target is to provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality of work possible.

INNOVATION: Through the application of the newest technology as it applies to chemistry, procedures, or equipment; Artisan Teknik is focused on delivering the most innovative solutions that ultimately provide the highest value for our customers.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We want all our customers to be extremely satisfied with the work we perform. Complete customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

PRIDE IN OUR WORK: We take pride in doing a great job. Providing great services to our customers and making improvements to their property which can be seen right away is what motivates us.

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